Split fine, but not in way imagined

      Alright, let’s get things straight.  When the Rangers beat the Rays, I though that we had a great chance at wining the first two games against Texas, but it was more likely to split the opening games at Airlington.  My thinking was that we would lose (if we were going to) to C.J. Wilson because of the long layoff.  But in actuality, the Yanks won the first game (but C.C. did falter in most likely due to the extra rest).  So when game 2 was soon to begin, I thought to myself, “Well, were about to go back home with a 2-0 lead on the series with the pitcher with the most ever playoff wins in the history of baseball, not bad at all.”
      But it wasn’t to be, as Phil Hughes stunk (Girardi did keep him in the game too long though) and the offense couldn’t come back again.  They continually left men on base (it seemed like every inning there were two guys on base with no outs) and I even got mad at Cano for hitting a home run with no one on.
However don’t worry Yankees fans, there’s still hope.  Cliff Lee could tank and give up 3 or 4 runs, because, I mean, come on, we gotta beat him one time right?  We DO have the best offense in all of MLB, right?  Andrew Eugene Pettitte, a likely hall-of-famer is throwing for us, so why he can throw 7 innings of shutout ball as much as anyone else can, right?
      Ahhh, the questions of baseball, and more specifically, playoff baseball.

Again, I apoligize

      I am deeply sorry and apologize for not writing sooner, but I had to go to a funeral and my mother’s birthday just happened, so I was very busy.  Since then, the Yanks had a 8-game wining streak, and got a bigger lead on Tampa Bay.  Javier Vasquez got back into the rotation, and Ivan Nova wasn’t exactly spectacular against Toronto.
      Here are some pictures from what those 2 days.
Mariano and Jorge.jpg

Jeter and Jackson.jpgThames watches shot.jpg

C.C. furthers Cy Young talk, Yanks sweep Athletics

      I had a good feeling about yesterday’s game, what with Sabathia being on the mound, and the Rays off, it felt like we were going to sweep.  As it turned out, the big man showed up.
Sabathia wins #19.jpg      He went 8 innings of SHUTOUT ball, giving up only 1 hit and striking out 5 to gone along with 3 walks.  Many Yankee-haters say that C.C. isn’t Cy Young quality, and that wins don’t count any more.  Well, I don’t care what team your on, if you go 8 innings and only give up one hit, your bound to win.  Joe Girardi even said that he would’ve left him in if not for the extreme weather.  “It was a hot day, and C.C.’s someone we need to take care of a little bit,” Joe said with a sly smile.
      On to the offense, Curtis Granderson started the game on the bench, thinking he might get in the game later on.  When asked if he thought he would hit 2 home runs, Curtis said “I don’t know I figured I might come in somewhere in the 7th or 8th inning but you never know,” Granderson said.  He hit two home runs, one in the 6th and then one an inning later in the 7th, a two-run shot.
      Again, this game was pretty much all C.C., and the Jonathan Albaladejo finish up the game throwing a perfect 9th.  Later today the rookie, Ivan Nova, faces the Blue Jays for a rematch from his first start.

Burnett starts September well, 5-game wining streak

      When I heard A.J. Burnett was pitching, I was scared.
Robinson Cano Scared.jpg      But the Yanks showed me there was no need to worry.  They scored 4 runs, (no double-digit scores today) and Burnett pitched well.  He went 6 innings, struck out a season-high tying 8 batters, and only gave up 3 earned runs.  Not great, but good enough.
      Mark Teixeira started the scoring with a RBI double in the first which scored Derek Jeter.  Then, in the 2nd, after a base hits by Curtis Granderson and Eduardo Nunez, Brett Anderson, the A’s starting pitcher, missed a catch on a ball from Jeter which consequently scored Granderson and moved Nunez up to second.  After Eduardo stole third, Swisher walked to load the bases.  Tex followed up with a single and both Nunez and Jeter scored, making it 3-0.
      The A’s scored two in the 4th on a home run by Kevin Kouzmanoff and tacked on another run in the 5th, making it 4-3 Yanks, and that would end up being the final score.
      Mariano Rivera was one of the four relievers Joe Girardi used, as he closed the game out for his 28th save and the New York’s 83 win. 

In time gone, Yanks get lead, 2 wins

      Well, since I last posted, a lot of things happened in Yankees Universe.  On Monday, Dustin Moseley wasn’t great, going only 4 and 1/3.  He had given up 4 runs, and Girardi had seen enough.  He took him out and brought in… Javier Vasquez.  I know, I know, it’s him.  But he was actually very good, going 4 and 2/3 innings and saving the bullpen from getting depleted.  He got the win, while giving up only one earned run and striking out 6 on the way.

      Teixeira, Cano, and Thames all hit home runs in that game, and Trevor Cahill, the supposed Cy Young contender, was horrible.  He gave up 8 runs and pretty much stopped talks of the coveted pitching award.

      On Tuesday (yesterday), the Phil Hughes went 5, and wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad either.  He gave up 5 hits and struck out only 1.  Hughes said he was out of whack, and Girardi and the Yankees were happy that he battled through and managed to get the win.

      The Bombers offense did what they do best, hitting home runs.  They hit another 3 tonight with the contestants on the “Blasting Bombers” were Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher, and Curtis Granderson.  Teixeira hit his 30th, Swisher his 25th, and Granderson his 15th.

      With the win, the Yankees (finally) moved into 1st place,

Yankees celebrating.jpg

yeah, I fell the same way fellas; since the Blue Jays bashed the Rays wining 13-5.  Also, the Red Sox lost, so they move 8 games behind us, so I think there season is almost done, but there is still a lot of season left.

      If everyone reading this could please pray for my neighbor, Sissy, her husband died on Monday from Cancer and Diabetes.

Nova fearless, helps Yankees win series 2-1

      Well, the Yankees won a nail-bitter yesterday, but what I’m really happy about is that Ivan Nova, the rookie who had only one Major League start before the game.  He went 5 and 2/3 (Girardi took him out to early again) while striking out 7 and only giving up 5 hits.  He seems to fear nothing, saying that pitching in the Major Leagues is the same baseball that he played in Scranton, and he dominated there.  Ivan seems like a great option for the Yankees in the postseason, and you have to believe Joe Girardi would have him in the playoff rotation.

      The Bombers must’ve taken some time off yesterday, only scoring 2 runs, with Marcus Thames (he’s been great this series, hitting 4 home runs) hitting yet another homer, and Gardner hitting the eventual game-winning RBI single.  The White Sox scored in the bottom of the 5th, with Juan-Pierre hitting a RBI single to shallow right, scoring Gordan Beckham.

      Kerry Wood made things interesting in the sixth when he threw a wild pitch moving Paul Konerko to third and A.J. Pierzynski to second.  He then walked  Alexei Ramirez before getting Mark Teahen to ground out to first.

      Mariano Rivera came on in the ninth and we all know how well he shut’s the door.  With the win, the Yankees were the first team in MLB to get 80 wins, but the pesky Rays beat Boston last night to stay tied with the Yanks for the most wins in baseball, and the AL East division lead. 

C.C. not dominate but good enough

      Let’s be honest, we all probably like C.C. Sabathia more than A.J. Burnett; and that’s fine.  It is most likely a cause of C.C. being a dominant pitcher while A.J. has been “eh” at best.  For example, if it had been Burnett pitching last night giving up 5 runs with 9 hits, we would all probably be saying, “Oh, another bad start by A.J., and, he;s no good.”  Instead, with C.C. pitching yesterday, we’re all saying, “Yes, Sabathia leads the league in wins, and did you see those 9 strikeouts?  Fantastic.”

      It looked early on that this was going to be a game consisted of tons of scoring by the Yanks, and C.C. shutting the White Sox down.  However, Sabathia couldn’t hold on but did give the Yankees length.  He pitched 7 innings and has improved his Cy Young candidacy even more, although his ERA did raise a bit.  He now leads the league in wins, is second in innings pitched, oh, and by the way, has the highest winning percentage in all of baseball.

      Unlike Friday, there was no shortage of offense for the Yankees yesterday, with 12 runs and 14 hits.  They hit three home runs; with Eduardo Nunez hitting one of them.


Eduardo Nunez.jpg

I am surprised he is hitting this well.  Grant it, he’s not hitting .400 with 5 homers, but when he gets his hits, they come at the right time. 

      The Yankees are still tied with the Rays, and hopefully they can pull away as we begin to enter September.

Yanks lose to ChiSox as Burnett falters again

      Like the Yankees, Joe Girardi’s mind was some where else.  Who knows, maybe he was thinking about the Cubs job (SIKE, he’s definitely going to stay.)
Joe Girardi.jpg
      Last night’s game was terrible.  A.J. was horrendous, giving up 8 earned runs and not even making it past the 4th inning.  The 4th!  Unacceptable by a guy who’s supposed to be our No.2 starter.  The Yankees defense was sloppy, though they only committed one error.  The bats never really came alive, with half of the runs scored coming in the 9th off of Nick Swisher’s homer.
      There was one bright spot of last night’s game though, Sergio Mitre went 4 and 2/3 while giving up only 1 hit.  He was masterful yesterday, and if Andy Pettitte doesn’t make it back, he could definitely give Dustin Moseley a good fight for the replacement job.
      At least the Rays lost, but they were playing the Red Sox so they pull even closer to us and the Wild Card/Division lead.  C.C. Sabathia takes the mound as he tries to get his major-league leading 18th win and gives us a lead over the Rays.

Yanks lose series, still tied for Lead

      With Phil Hughes on the mound, I was hoping he could get his 16th win, which would be the second most in the league.  Imagine it, later in the year, you could see this headline.  C.C. and Phil, 20-game winners, and the 2 most wins in the AL. 

Phil Hughes.jpg

      Alas, it wasn’t meant to be as the Blue Jays beat the bombers 6-3.  Phil Hughes started the game by giving up 2 runs early, with Vernon Wells being the catalyst, having a triple and scoring on a past ball.  Then, in the third, he hit a 2-run shot making the score 4 nothing.

      However, in the top of the 4th, the Yankees used some of their own firepower, with Marcus Thames homering, scoring Robinson Cano.  But then, in the bottom of that inning, Wells struck again with a infield single (on a bad call) which scored a runner to make it 5-2 Jays. 

      Phil Hughes was pulled out of the game after only 4 and third, giving up 5 runs while striking out 6.  Again, it may be a blessing in disguise since he is coming up on that innings limit; so maybe he can pitch deeper into the season.  He is at 140 2/3 innings, which means he has about 30 more innings in him or so.

      The Yankees remained tied with Tampa Bay, since they lost 12-3, which was their worst loss this year (score wise).  The Yanks head to Chicago to play the White Sox, with A.J. Burnett on the mound. 

Yankees pay back Bautista, Jays

      Well well well, what can I say?  The night after Jose Bautista hit 2 home runs and absolutely showed off; mocking Cervelli by fist pumping; and then came at Nova with a bat, thus causing a near brawl; the Yankees repaid him.  How, you ask?  They did so by scoring 11 runs on 17 hits and keeping the homer happy Blue Jays, homerless.

      Mark Teixeira started the scoring by having an RBI single in the first, but he wasn’t over. After Nunez got an RBI groundout to score Jorge Posada, Teixeira came up again and he went DEEP to left to make the score 3-0 Yanks.  Robinson Cano followed up with a walk, bringing up Thames; who would also hit a home run to left, where 4 of the 5 Yankees bombs went.  Jorge Posada, (4-5 with 2 RBI’s) hit a home run making the game just about out of reach (at 6-0).

      The Jays tacked on a run in the bottom of the inning, but the Yankees would finish off Toronto in the top of the 5th.  Curtis Granderson’s 3-run home run would be the main cause of this, with the only Yankee home run anywhere else but left field (right).  Derek Jeter, (yeah, he can still hit them out of the park) hit his 10th home run of the year making it 10-1 Yanks, and putting the Yankees on course for their 78th win of the year.

      Dustin Moseley, who has been a good temporary replacement for Andy Pettitte, went 6 innings and only gave up 2 runs.  Chad Guadin, who has been better lately, gave up 3 runs on 4 hits.  Kerry Wood (what a good acquisition for the Yanks) threw a perfect 9th striking out 2.

      The Yankees are still tied for the AL East lead and have banished Javeir Vasquez to the bullpen, puting Ivan Nova in his place in the rotation, and he will start on Sunday.